Frequently Asked Questions
A. A Prep Session is a one time 90-minute session that covers a wide range of topics from focus strategies to test preparation.  We developed a comprehensive and interactive program to provide solutions to common homework and school challenges that ADHD students face.
A. Our teachers have experience with ADHD children in the classroom and also as private tutors.  We select our teachers based on their experience working with ADHD children and their ability to explain information so that it is coherant and easily understood.
A. Unfortunately it is necessary to have a a webcam to connect to our teachers. However, due to many parents' requests, we developed a book with great strategies for parents of ADHD children here:

Getting Your ADHD Child to the Aha! Moment
A. The Prep Session was developed through extensive research including attending group seminars, speaking with teachers, and gathering resources from experts in the fields of education, child psychology, and medicine.
A. The Prep Session caters to parents of children in grades K-8.  We appreciate feedback, you can email us to request a program for older students.
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