After the Prep session I felt so relieved that I now had strategies to work with my daughter.  I was so frustrated spending hours and hours trying to get homework done.  I liked the way the teacher broke everything down and answered some of the questions I had.  I was nervous that the webcam wouldn't work but it was actually easy to get connected and the quality was really good. My daughter hates writing so the teacher showed me a lot of fun ways to use her interests to get her to write without complaining.  I use the techniques that I learned every time I help my daughter with schoolwork and it really has made a difference.
- Karen - Kennesaw, GA
What is a Prep Session?

Program for Parents of ADHD Children in Grades K-8

Mommy Alert teaches parents of ADHD children strategies to make homework less time-consuming and stressful.  The parent will speak with a certified teacher to learn unique strategies for homework and school success.  This is perfect for parents who would like to speak with an experienced teacher to discuss their challenges and learn solutions to daily homework struggles.  During a one-time 90-minute session, we will cover several topics to help your child work more effectively at school and at home. We make a commitment to continual research to ensure that our sessions are relevant and up-to-date. 

Topics Covered
We target the areas that are a struggle for many ADHD children.  The topics include: focus strategies, writing, organization, memory, spelling, math, reading/comprehension, and test preparation.
Customize Your Session
You will be placed with a certified teacher based on your child's grade level and needs.  Before booking your session, select which topics you would like the teacher to focus on.  You will also be able to ask any questions specific to your child's needs.
Connect Face to Face with a Certified  Teacher
All you need is a webcam, no download necessary.  It's simple, just click the link sent to your email and you will be instantly connected to a private chatroom to start your one-on-one session. We use a high-quality webcam and microphone to make you feel like you are speaking with a teacher in-person, in the comfort of your home!
No Note-Taking
We will email you an easy to read packet with all the information we covered.  That way you can refer to any strategies we discussed in the future.
Convenient Scheduling
Sessions are offered Monday-Friday 9am-9pm EST and Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm EST.  Through online scheduling, you can easily book your session or reschedule at your convenience.