My son just received his report card and I was so excited to see that he made honor roll.  It is amazing to see my son's improvement not just in his grades but also his attitude.  Even his teacher mentioned how much more calm and focused he is in class.  When I signed up for my session, I was a bit skeptical but I really needed some tips.  I spoke with the teacher and asked her lots of questions about some of the things that my son was struggling with.  She was really helpful and I was surprised to learn some strategies I hadn't even thought about.  I never realized how helpful a dry erase board could be. It was a lot of information so I was happy that my wife and I could look over the packet after the session.  Since the session I noticed an improvement in how my son performs at school and homework is definitely not as frustrating as it used to be.

- Chris - Tarrytown, NY

After the Prep session, I felt so relieved that I now had strategies to work with my daughter.  I was so frustrated spending hours and hours trying to get homework done.  I liked the way the teacher broke everything down and answered some of the questions I had.  I was nervous that the webcam wouldn't work but it was actually easy to get connected and the quality was really good. My daughter hates writing so the teacher showed me a lot of fun ways to use her interests to get her to write without complaining.  I use the techniques that I learned every time I help my daughter with schoolwork and it really has made a difference.

- Karen - Kennesaw, GA

I was impressed with how much information the teacher went over during the session. She showed me how to make picture study sheets, use mnemonics, how to work with my son's learning style, etc. I was glad that the session focused on the main areas that my son has problems with and that the strategies were easy to do. I like that both parents can speak to the teacher so me and my husband could ask questions. I would definitely recommend this program for parents who can't afford tutoring but need to learn some skills to work with their child.

- Jennifer - Philadelphia, PA

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